Welcome to the Spartan-IV Wiki, it's about ZX Clan Productions' first series, Project Spartan-IV. Currently, this wiki is made up of 'insider' information of the series' production and will include up-to-date info on the groups progress. Currently, the scripts are being written and edited, and the series is planned to be filmed over the summer. It's planned premier is September 3rd, 2011. The series will be a machinima (on Halo Reach) and about a secret project codenamed Project: SPARTAN-IV, and it will take place in the Halo universe (basically as fanon).

The current project members are Austin/Raiderdline61 (director/story writer), Jacob/JAKESTER2197 (executive producer/technical producer), Brendan (project manager and leader of ZXCP), Benjamin (story editor), Alec/Random Pickle97 and Johnathan/Immortalbiscuitma (all of the aforementioned also do the voices).

None of the character names have been revealed yet, or the plot line, other than the series being the story of experimental super soldiers that are designed to nearly match the strength of Spartan-IIIs, but be more inexpensive.

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