Private Matthew Graham is confirmed to be a character in the Project: Spartan-IV series. He is slated to be a private from the UNSC Marine Corps, voiced by Jacob Brooker. He was also confirmed to be the commander and designated marksman of Fireteam Foxtrot.

Early LifeEdit

According to the writer of the series, Graham was born in Montreal in the year 2520. In late 2544, he joined the UNSC as an ODST in the Marine Corps. He was pulled out of operation in early 2547 to join the Spartan-IV Project.

Project: Spartan-IVEdit

Once in Project: Spartan-IV, Graham excelled in sniper training and was assigned to third section, eighth platoon, Charlie company (3/8/C), along with five other candidates. Once training finished, he was placed as the commander of Charlie fireteam and as the commander of the section (C3/8/C). Before being deployed to their training base, Graham and his two other teammates named their team Fireteam Foxtrot.


Throughout the series, it has been stated that Graham will take the role of a responsible leader, trying to keep his immature and fairly wreckless teammates in line. This typically results in Foxtrot ending up in (often humorous) problematic situations. Graham was also said to have been raised in a Christian family and usually be the one to hesitate when breaking rules or going against an order, it is likely these qualities that resulted in him becoming the commander of his section.


  • Matthew Graham's personality is roughly based off of that of his voice actor's. According to Austin Rossi, none of the other characters mirror their voice actor's likeness as much, with the exception of Jonathan Yarysh's character.