A lance is the second smallest known unit in the Covenant Army. Lances are usally mixed-race units when it comes to Unggoy, but this will differ in Kig-Yar, Sangheili and special operations lances. A lance is the approximate equivalent of a UNSC squad or a Spartan-IV section. A lance is immediately superior to a file, and a lance is immediately inferior to a group.

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Lances usually contain five or six members; which is basically a file and a lance commander. Sometimes they will contain support units, although support units are usually attached to groups. A lance is typically bigger and less organised when it comes to scouting and shock lances, while infantry and special operations lances are usually smaller and better organised.



A Sangheili lance contains one file and a Sangheili Ultra commander. Sangheili files typically contain three Sangheili Minors and are commanded by a Sangheili Major. Sangheili lances are used for more important, high-priority missions and are usually attached to their respective operations, as opposed to groups. The commander of a Sangheili lance hand picks all of the members.

Special OperationsEdit

A special operations lance is typically led by an Unggoy Ultra and contains a file of four Special Operations Unggoy. Lances may also contain files of three Special Operations Unggoy and an Unggoy Ultra, in which case the lance would be led by a Special Operations Sangheili.

In the case of a Sangheili special operations lance, the lance would contain one file made up of four Special Operations Sangheilis and would be commanded by a Special Operations Officer.


An Unggoy lance is usually led by a Sangheili Minor and typically contains one file. This file is usually led by an Unggoy Major and contains three Unggoy Minors. Unggoy lances act as mainly infantry unit and are the most common units within the Covenant Army. In rare cases, Unggoy Ultras may command lances, but the command of the group will still usually fall to a Sangheili Major.


Kig-Yar lances are less defined than most other lances. That being they are led by two Kig-Yar Majors and contain four Kig-Yar Minors. Technically, a Kig-Yar file contains four Kig-Yar Minors and one Kig-Yar Major, while the lance itself is commanded by the other Kig-Yar Major, although the two Majors typically share command over the lance.

Jackal lances are the main scouting units of the Covenant Army, and will be grouped into units led by a single Sangheili Major. Skirmisher lances, on the other hand, are the main shock units of the Covenant Army, and will be grouped into units led by a single Skirmisher Champion.

Unit OrganisationEdit